Letter To A Year

happy-new-year-smallDear 2013,

You were supposed to be the best year of my life but turned out to be the year that almost killed me.  I was supposed to get married and have the wedding of my dreams.  Instead, my future plans were ripped away from me six weeks before I was supposed to say I Do.  The loss of my best friend and fiancé broke me.  Never in my life have I been in such a dark place, and you 2013, got to witness it.

If it wasn’t for amazing people in my life I am sure that 2013 would have been my end.  Thanks to awesome friends and fantastic family I was able to rebuild my life and myself.  You may have tried to break me 2013, but I can promise you that it will never come that close again.

You taught me so many things.  I learned that I am the only person who should be in control of my happiness.  I learned that I cannot allow outside forces be what decides my fate.  I am in control of my future and I am the only person who controls how I feel about life.

Instead of dwelling on the bad you caused, I am going to choose to remember you for the good. You brought me closer to people I didn’t know I needed in my life.  Angie and Sarah have officially been dubbed my best friends, which was a title I was afraid to give anyone ever again.  They earned it and I love them for sticking by me when I was the worst version of myself.  I terrified my parents and sister with my depression and I am glad that even when I hated them for it, they wouldn’t leave me to wallow in my darkness.

New adventures came into my life this year.  Visiting family I hadn’t seen in 10 years, a full time job for the first time in years, new friends I never thought I’d make, and a new love.    The last part of this year has brought me closer to the person I want to be than I have ever been.

Goodbye to you 2013.  Dark clouds and all! You are gone and 2014 is here.  I don’t  regret anything that happened because like EVERYONE kept telling me, you got better in time.  2014 will be the beginning of the rest of my life.  I am not making any resolutions, I am starting fresh and just living my life the way I should, with positivity, abundance of love and friendship, and with openness to everything that comes my way.

Thank you, 2013.

One thought on “Letter To A Year

  1. Wow. Love and light and loveliness to you this year. To be honest, 2013 was one of the hardest years I’ve had so far. The blows just didn’t stop coming and though I’m terribly sorry for your loss, I’m so glad that you shared this and that I read it. Thank you. And all best things to you this year.

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